About blood

It’s an amazing journey that blood takes - from our generous volunteer donors to our processing centres to laboratories to the hospital ward and into your veins. There are many steps to make sure the blood you receive is as safe as possible.

Donating blood

Lifeblood collects blood from voluntary, non-remunerated donors at both fixed and mobile collection centres across Australia to ensure our blood supplies can meet the needs of patients who require blood transfusions.

Making blood components

Lifeblood processes each donation to ensure components are optimised to help the greatest number of recipients. For example, whole blood donations are manufactured into red blood cells, platelets and plasma products. 

Ensuring blood safety

All blood donations undergo a number of tests at Lifeblood to ensure product safety and quality. Testing is also performed at the hospital before you receive a transfusion.

Matching blood groups

Before you receive a transfusion, compatibility testing is performed between the donated blood and a patient's blood sample.


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