Additional Resources

See the resources below for more information about blood and transfusion

BloodSafe is a blood transfusion safety and quality improvement collaboration between SA Health, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, public and private hospitals and their transfusion service providers. Their website provides a range of consumer resources about receiving a red cell transfusion and also material for children/parent about blood transfusions.

Blood Watch was implemented by the NSW CEC (Clinical Excellence Commission) in 2005 to improve the safety and quality of fresh blood product transfusion in all NSW public hospitals. The Blood Watch website has numerous resources specifically designed to support patients and families on the use of blood and blood products which are available in multiple languages

Blood Matters is a Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (the Department) funded program for improving the quality, safety and appropriateness of blood and blood products. The Department works in collaboration with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service to facilitate this program. Their website contains consumer information in several languages. 

The NBA (National Blood Authority) is a statutory agency within the Australian Government Health portfolio that manages and coordinates arrangements for the supply of blood and blood products and services. Their website has a section that provides quick links to information about blood and blood products which is relevant to patients.