After a transfusion

If you are going home after your transfusion you will need to make sure you know how to contact the hospital or doctor if you start to feel unwell.

How will you feel after your transfusion?

This will depend upon what blood product you received and the reason you received it. For example if you had a red cell transfusion because you had signs and symptoms of anaemia such as shortness of breath, you should feel better after your transfusion. If you do not feel better after your transfusion, or if you feel worse, then you need to speak with your doctor or nurse.

You may not feel any different after a transfusion of some blood products such as platelets or plasma as they may have been given to you to prevent a problem.


Keeping a transfusion record

It is important to record that you have received a blood product and if you had a reaction to it. This information will be asked of you next time you go to hospital. Keep it with your medication list and other medical details.